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Pelješac is the second-largest Croatian peninsula located in southern Croatia in the Dubrovnik County. The people of Pelješac are mainly in the business of winegrowing, olive-growing, fishing, and tourism. The Pelješac peninsula is an excellent area to farm shellfish and fish, and produce wine and olive oil. Larger towns such as Ston, Brijest, Trpanj, Viganj, and Orebić have an abundant tourism offer, and the smaller towns offer a quiet holiday, far from the daily grind, so Pelješac is the ideal choice both for fun, and for a vacation.

Our website will help you discover the most hidden corners of Pelješac where you can see a true world of flavors. We will take you to wineries and wine tasting sites, to oases of agricultural tourism, restaurants, and shellfish farmers, to valuable pieces of cultural heritage, introduce you to interesting events, customs, and local souvenirs.


Although it is a peninsula, Pelješac is very well connected. If you would like to take the regular route by car, you can reach it from the north via the A1 highway or old Jadranska magistrala to Ploče, after which you have a choice to make. You can shorten your trip by taking a ferry to Trpanj, and arrive on Pelješac after a fifty-minute ride, or you can enjoy the panoramic drive through Neum and Ston located at the "gate to Pelješac". If you choose the road towards Ston, it's worth noting that you will pass the Croatian-Bosnian border in Neum.

If you travel by boat, the Jadrolinija line connects Rijeka, Split, Hvar, Korčula, and Dubrovnik. Korčula is connected to Peljesac by ferry and boat, so you can also use them to reach Peljesac! If traveling by car and boat isn't fast enough or suitable for you, there is also the option of traveling with the combination of a flight to the nearest airport in Split or Dubrovnik, and then driving to Pelješac. We are here to help organize transportation and transfers! Now that you are finally on the Pelješac peninsula, it's time to get you settled in.


Pelješac Travel offers you the best accommodations. Hotels, suites, villas, rooms, and camps await you! We organize excursions, transfers, entertainment, wine tours, hiking tours, cycling tours, sports and recreation events, historical cultural tours and sites. We transform your ideas into reality. You are here to relax, so let us organize everything properly. Reserve your accommodations through Pelješac Travel and head out on a fantastic holiday and incredible excursions!



Entrust us to organize the best excursions on Peljesac and the surrounding area. We believe in active vacations, which are definitely great for the body and soul. To get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and leave behind the stress the world surrounds us with, get moving and join us! Enrich your vacation, or visit our sites. To start off, we recommend excursions to the beautiful beaches on Peljesac. We organize them by van, on foot, by bike, or by boat. To have a perfect vacation, sometimes you need more than just the beach and the sea, and sometimes that's all you need. Our recommendation is combine enjoying the peace of untouched nature with an adventurous outing. Head out with us on an adventure tour of the historical and natural sites we mentioned, and explore new experiences. We also offer sports excursions for all those looking for an active holiday. If you would like to go hiking, biking, running, diving, surfing, rowing, or just out to explore, contact us, we're waiting for you!



Don't miss out on visiting the old city center of Dubrovnik. It is surrounded by stone walls, which encircle narrow, stone streets, cozy, warm cafés, well-preserved churches, mystical city fortresses and squares. If you arrive in Dubrovnik by car, we recommend you park in the public garage at Ilijina glavica, just a five-minute walk from the city center, or at one of the on-street car parks. Korčula Island is the birthplace of the great explorer, Marco Polo. Take a walk along the many marked walking trails on Korčula. Get to know more about the moreška, one of the three knight's dances you can see only on the streets of this gorgeous island.


Nearby, you can also find a national park on the island of Mljet. There you can enjoy a relaxing walk next to the Veliko and Malo Lake. On the island of St. Marija in the middle of the lake, there is a 12th century monastery. The delta of the Neretva River, interlaced with a network of meandering channels that surround mandarin orchards and vast marshes abundant with diverse species of birds (more than 250 species), is also very interesting.


Peljesac has a centuries-old tradition of producing superb red wines, and the most popular wines are Dingač and Postup.


Wineries on Peljesac are the best producers of red wine in Croatia. Peljesac is the homeland of the Plavac mali sort, and the Dingač and Postup wines from locations of the same name. Grapes planted at those locations get a high percentage of sugar thanks to a triple insolation, directly from the sun, and reflected from the sea and the rocky hills.


Over its 70 km of length, the Peljesac peninsula has around 250 registered winemakers, and is a true winemaking paradise! If you were to base your holiday just on touring the vineyards on Peljesac, you would truly need a lot of time, and so here we have singled out our favorites. Over the past few years, since we fell in love with the enchanting peninsula, we have toured a lot of fantastic small and large winemakers and wineries. Here we give you our recommendations and an overview. There are many wineries and it is worth taking the time to visit as many as possible. Some of our favorites include: Miloš Winery, Matuško Winery, St. Hills Winery, Korta Katerina Winery, and Vicelić Winery. Peljesac has long been home to culture and civilization. Life on the island dates back to the Stone Age and ancient times. Over the centuries, this important part of the Mediterranean has lived under the influence of many cultures who have left their trace here. There are saltworks that date back to the 2nd century B.C., the Ston walls from the 16th century - the longest in Europe, quaint towns and settlements with many beautiful medieval churches and monasteries. The Maritime Museum tells the story of Peljesac's famous maritime tradition.

Tour Peljesac's museums and sites as part of the excursions we organize for you! Some of our favorite and must - see sites are the Maritime Museum, Franciscan Monastery and Church of Our Lady of Angels, the Church of Our Lady of Delorite, the city of Ston, the Ston walls and fortresses, the Gudnja Cave, Church of St. Michael, Trpanj, Gradina, Church of St. Peter and Paul, Church of St. Rocco, etc.

Franjevački samostan


You can be assured that the cuisine in this part of Dalmatia will not disappoint you. We would like to show you the local, traditional cuisine, the culinary scene of Peljesac. We are aware that there are those who love fast food. Of course, all of us enjoy a good pizza, burger, or burek (savory phyllo pastry pie) from time to time... And of course, all of that can be found on Peljesac. However, we would also like to share our research of superb cuisine and specialties that have been categorized according to everyone's taste and wallet size. We have tried nearly everything, and we are great gourmets, so trust us here. You don't want to miss out on the famous shellfish delicacies, especially the oysters - shellfish that is eaten nearly raw, and is famous for its aphrodisiac qualities. Oysters, mussels, Noah's Ark and venus clams are just some of the shellfish that offer a unique culinary experience, of course, in addition to superb fish such as bream, seabass, dentex, steenbras, as well as mollusks such as octopus, the musky octopus, squid, and cuttlefish, which are used to make fantastic specialties.

Try traditional Dalmatian sweets, such as rožata, hruštule, and fritule. We recommend the best offer of brunch, lunch, and dinner as part of our excursions and wine tours. It's important to emphasize that we ate some of our best meals during wine tours in wineries. There, they serve an abundance of domestic specialties made with fish, chees, olives, shellfish, smoked meat products, and grilled food. We also guarantee you will have a great time while enjoying the wonderful food and wine. All that, while sitting in the cool shade, with a view of the sea, listening to the sound of the waves... Just writing about it makes us feel as if we were on one of the fantastic terraces on the Peljesac peninsula. Wine roads, wine tours, wine tasting, visiting superb fish restaurants and taverns, and tasting oysters and mussels are part of the fantastic experience you can only find on Peljesac, a globally unique natural phenomenon.

We definitely recommend the  Tuna Bar Trpanj - one of the unique restaurants on the Peljesac peninsula. The Tuna Bar offers superb Adriatic Tuna. The Tuna Bar owner is one of the few people in Croatia who has a license for catching tuna. The daily offer is based on the fresh seafood they will serve you. The beach terrace is right next to the sea, with an incredible view of the sunset. This restaurant has our best recommendation for amazing food and wine. The true treasure is the artwork and sculptures that the owner made and collected. Both the interior and the exterior of the restaurant are enchanting. It is truly special, and one of the most unique restaurants in all of Croatia.

Tuna Bar Trpanj

As far as gastronomy is concerned, Ston, its oysters, and the 'Kapetanova kuća' restaurant are not to be missed. Most of our trips to Peljesac start in Ston. Somehow it's always nice to sit and enjoy a meal in Kapetanova kuća. They offer a fantastic spread of food and wine. You are sure to enjoy yourself there in the company of friendly hosts.

Kapetanova kuća

Nearly all of the Peljesac peninsula has a great culinary offer. The Matuško Tavern in the town of Borak, owned by the best winemaker on Peljesac, is also to be recommended. An unforgettable visit to Matuško Tavern started with sunbathing and swimming near the tavern, after which we enjoyed fantastic specialties with a view of the sea. You are sure to too! Peljesac also has many country estates and family farms that produce very tasty, organic, homemade food. One of them is the Antunović Farm in Kuna.


The beautiful beaches are one of the many reasons to visit the Pelješac peninsula. They are located far from settlements and roads, they aren't usually crowded, and most of them are easily accessible since parking can be found nearby. Still, some of them can only be reached by boat or on foot. Don't be discouraged since the beauty and peace that can be found there are worth the effort and the walk. Most of the beaches are pebble beaches, although a few sandy beaches can be found. They are impeccably clean, and have easy access to the sea. Sandy Divna Beach is unique in its beauty. There, the sea varies in color, and has a green hue. Just a short distance from the shoreline, the seabed is pure sand. It is an incredible feeling to swim and watch the seabed.

plaža Divna

If you are a fan of being alone, or with a small group of people, we recommend you visit beaches that are more difficult to access, such as Jezero Beach. There, you will find your peace and enjoy the view of Biokovo, which leaves the feeling as if time has stopped, and you are in a timeless zone. Peljesac's beaches are a special tourist attraction, and each one is worth visiting, so here we list a few chosen ones, but feel free to explore the rest on your own. Viganj Beach, Mokalo Beach, Žuljana Beach, Trstenica Beach, Podobno Beach, Prapratno Beach, Borak Beach, Jezero Beach, Duba Beach, Divna Beach, Dingač Beach.

plaža Jezero Pelješac


Sport and recreation are an unavoidable part of the tourism offer on Peljesac. When you get bored of lounging on the beach, it's time for action. Peljesac is famous as a fantastic kite and windsurfing destination. Viganj and the channel between Peljesac and Korčula has hosted world and European championships several time, and there you can join the others for some kite and windsurfing. If you like hiking, hiking up to St. Ilija is an incredible adventure. You can also explore Peljesac's beautiful beaches by kayak, and as far as cycling is concerned, with its hills and Napoleon Road, Peljesac is an undiscovered paradise for mountain biking and on-road cycling. The people of Peljesac are renowned experts in bocce, and soccer is played well in Orebić, Trpanj, and Ston. In Trpanj, in summer, there is also water polo for children, and a swimming school for beginners. If you are a fan of jogging, Peljesac offers seaside trails, but also true inclines for pros looking for excellent training grounds.

Viganj windsurfing kite




After showing you everything you can try and experience, it's time to enjoy yourself.

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